Sarbani offers astrological/Jyotish consultations on the basis of the Vedic Astrological Horoscope which is cast according to the Sidereal Zodiac. Readings are done in-person or over the phone or skype / GoToMeeting with prior appointment.

The consultations are for 60 or 30 minutes. They range from a general reading to specific questions regarding chart rectification, education, profession/career, marriage and relationship issues, chart compatibility for marriage, creative directions, spiritual path, karmic bondage, remedies and general malaise. The readings are comprehensive and touch upon all necessary aspects of the individual’s life.

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In the Nārada purāṇa Sanat Kumār teaches, that among the mantras of Gaṇeśa, Śivā, Durgā, Sūrya, Viṣṇu, the Vaiṣṇava mantras give results most easily. Of these, the mantras of Śrī Rāma destroy all sins.

Śrī Rāma as one of the highest avatars of Lord Viṣṇu is represented by the Sun. Those who have the Sun as the Ātmākāraka or as the Iṣṭa Devatā can avail of these selective and beautiful mantras to pray to their chosen deities.

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A Study of Rāvaṇa’s Uḍḍiśa Tantra

Gati: The Direction of the Mind (Moon)
Once upon a time, many eons ago, at the time when Śrī had left the gods, Śiva blessed the High Priest of the dark side, Śukrācārya, with the unequivocal Mṛta Sañjīvanī knowledge, by which the asuras (demons) came back to life from the dead, irrevocably more powerful and supreme as conquistadors.

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Ārūḍha means to mount, rise, bestride, like mounting a horse or to ascend, or elevate. In jyotiṣa terminology it is used to describe a secondary self (mounted selves or selves which bestride the original self) or image that is mounted or superimposed upon the real self. This superimposed self often exists in a parallel plane to the real self; but can become so real as to blur the distinction between the real and the projected, to the extent the native can forget his true self and imagine the projection to be the truth.

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Let’s begin with the larger picture and then we will go through all the characteristics of the Moon. Why it is the mother and why it is the healer.

The larger picture is that the Moon is Prakrati – the created universe – Maya.

Surya is the source of life and the Moon is the created world and the creative universe. Its basic function is to protect and sustain this creation which is sourced by the Sun. The Sun is the source and is where things start from.

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Chhinnamasta is the thunderbolt, the streak of lightening, which is the Shakti of Virocana, the Supreme Self, the luminosity of the Primordial Prakasa. That is why she is Vajravairocani, the glow of the Paramatma which flashes like a lightening and shatters the skies. She is yellow and shines like a million suns, the glory of which destroys all desires and makes her a Mahayogini, the supreme exponent of yogic powers and like Vajra, pure and blazing. She epitomizes self-control by conquering sexual and selfish desires and transforming that energy into yogic energy.

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The day Sūrya enters a rāśi is known as saṁkrānti. Parāśara tells us that those born on saṁkrānti are likely to suffer from poverty, sorrow and other misfortunes. To avoid this, the grahas must be pacified by performing Navagraha Pūjā and the specific Saṁkrānti Doṣa puja as laid down by the great sage.

The names of the sa­ṁkrānti according to the seven days of the week starting from Sunday to Saturday are as follows:

A neat place in the eastern corner of the house must be cleaned.
Three heaps of paddy, rice and sesame (til) must be placed separately.

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ॐ ऐम् ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डाय विच्चै
om aim hrīṁ klīṁ cāmuṇḍāyaī viccai
Rishi: Bagambhrini

Devata: Sri Adishakti

Chhanda: Jagati (2nd), Trishtup (remaining)


ॐ अहम् रुद्रेभिर्वसुभिश्चराम्यह-

मादित्यैरुत विश्वदेवैः

अहं मित्रावरुणोभा बिभर्म्र्यह-

मिन्द्राग्नी अहंश्विनोभा

om aham rudrebhirvasubhiścarāmyaha-

mādityairuta viśvadevaiḥ

ahaṁ mitrāvaruṇobhā bibharmryaha-

mindrāgnī ahaṁśvinobhā


I pervade the universe and wander through it as the eleven Rudras, the twelve Adityas, the eight Vasus and as the Visvadevata. I hold within me both Mitra and Varuna.

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Vedic Reading with Sarbani Rath. Telephone or Personal meeting. Digital recordings emailed same day.
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Vedic Reading with Sarbani Rath. Telephone or Personal meeting.
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Sarbani Rath

Sarbani Rath

Sarbani Rath is a certified Jaimini Scholar having spent 5 long years to master the secret science in the Himalayas. She has been practicing mantras and ritual puja ever since she learnt it from the wise sannyasinis of Sri Sarada Math.She has received diksha at the feet of Revered Pravrajika.Shraddhaprana Mataji. She is a jyotish guru of Sri Jagannath Center (SJC) and the Managing Editor of Sagittarius Publications. She is presently teaching the Jaimini Scholar Programme.

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