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Tattva in Mantra Śāstra: A Few Principles for Remedies

A Study of Rāvaṇa’s Uḍḍiśa Tantra Gati: The Direction of the Mind (Moon) Once upon a time, many eons ago, at the time when Śrī had left the gods, Śiva blessed the High Priest of the dark side, Śukrācārya, with the unequivocal Mṛta Sañjīvanī knowledge, by which the asuras (demons) came back to life from […]

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Ārūḍha and Māyā

Definitions Ārūḍha means to mount, rise, bestride, like mounting a horse or to ascend, or elevate. In jyotiṣa terminology it is used to describe a secondary self (mounted selves or selves which bestride the original self) or image that is mounted or superimposed upon the real self. This superimposed self often exists in a parallel […]

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Timing Curses and their Remedies

Introduction Abhiśāpa or ­śāpa, otherwise known as a curse, is an invocation to the superior powers, in order to cause harm and bring about suffering to another person or persons, nation or lands. The person bestowing the śāpa or curse causes misfortune to another by evoking the Gods or supernatural elements. Consequently, the cursed person […]

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Sakaṭa, Mukuṭa & Gajakeśari Yoga

Introduction बृषभं चर्षणीनाम् विश्वरूपम् अदाभ्यम्। बृहस्पतिम् वरेण्यम्॥ Janma Rāśi Jupiter is the suraguru, the priest of the gods, the giver of light and the supreme preceptor. It is he who removes the darkness of ignorance and ushers in the light of knowledge. Without the blessings of Guru, the mind is forever enshrouded in darkness, clouded […]

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The Kāla Cakra

Introduction The Sun, resplendent and glorious in his twelve forms, as the ruler of the day and the lord of the grahas, is the controller of Kāla or Time. The three navels of his amazing one-wheeled chariot are the triptych of kālas, bhūta, bhaviṣya and vartamān (past, future and present) and the different kāla sankhyās […]

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Nāma Tattva

jaya nirākāra jaya śunya śabdahīna jaya nirākāra jaya jagata parāṇa                                                                                      Acyuta Dās, Chayāliś Patala Nāma Brahma Tattva of Acyuta Once, while immersed in samādhi, Acyuta Dās[1] was blessed with the divine vision of the Supreme Absolute, the Niraṅkāra Nārāyaṇa and seizing this opportunity he wished to be graced with the precious knowledge of Nāma Tattva.  […]

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