Worship needs to be offered to a Shiva idol. He should have the sign of the Moon on his forehead, hold white rosary in his hand, be dressed in white clothes, three eyed, mounted on a bull and the hands held in vara and abhaya mudras.

The worship should begin with Varuṇa mantra. After this the kalaśa should be installed in the south west corner with the following mantras:

  1. Trayambakam…
  2. Imam me Varuṇa…
  3. Tatma yāmi…
  4. Tvanno agne…
  5. Tathā sa tvam nau

After this, japa of the sukta ā nau bhadre and bhadrā agneśca should be done.

This is to be followed by the japa of the Puruṣa Sukta and kudruteti etc.

Do abhiṣek upon the idol of lord Śiva followed by Nava Graha Pujā.

Perform havana with the following offerings: ghee, charu, til, urad, mustard oil, wood pieces of pipal, pākar, palāś, khaira while chanting either 108 times or 28 times for each planet. The til should be offered to the chantings of trayambakam mantra.

Water from the kalaśa should be sprinkled on the child and the father and then the Brahmins should be fed.


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